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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MBJB to get tough with errant ratepayers

JOHOR BARU: A task force has been set up by The Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) to identify ratepayers who flout the council’s laws.
Mayor Mohd Jaffar Awang said the task force would ensure that all regulations were adhered to and it would focus on business premises under the council’s jurisdiction.
“Businesses that operate without licence, those who renovated their building without approval and stall owners operating will be be fined by the task force.”
He stressed that the task force was not established to punish people but to create awareness about the council’s laws and regulations.
“The task force was set up with the main aim of making the city a safer, cleaner and healthier place for the people,” he said.
He explained that the task force was divided into three zones and it involved seven departments of the council, namely enforcement, planning, development, assessment, health, engineering and law.
“The three zones are Zone A which is the west side of the city, Zone B covering the middle of the city and Zone C which is the east side of the city,” he added.
Mohd Jaffar said that he hoped the public would comply with the MBJB laws to ensure that the city was a safe and comfortable place to live and work in.

“Eventually, this will help the city become a more attractive tourist destination and also attract new investors,” he said.
On a separate matter, the mayor said business and advertising licences could be renewed between now and Dec 31.
He urged those who needed to renew their licences to do so within the said period to avoid being fined.
“Those who settle their payments late would be subjected to a fine which will increase according to how late they make their payments,” he said.
He added that those who made payments in February would be fined RM50, in March RM100, in April RM150 and May to Dec, RM200,” he said.
Mohd Jaffar said those who had yet to receive their notices for renewal should bring along their current business licence and two passport photos of themselves to the Licensing Department counter at MBJB.

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